Advertising Guide

Welcome to the Anime Radio UK Advertising Guide, here you will find all the information required about advertising on our Radio Station.

Please see the pricing table below for details on all of our advertising packs and the features that are included with them.

If you have any questions at all please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will answer all your questions as best we can

1 Month Pack

  • Advertise for 1 month
  • 360+ ads
  • 1 x 30 second ad
  • Your ad played at least once every 2 hours
  • Listed on our sponsors page
  • Submit new ad monthly
  • Product placement/Spots
  • Create competitions
  • Mix Block

3 Month Pack

  • Advertise for 3 months
  • 1080+ ads
  • 1 x 30 second ad
  • Your ad played at least once every 2 hours
  • Listed on our sponsors page
  • Submit new ad monthly
  • Product placement/Spots
  • Create competitions
  • Mix Block
prices exclude VAT

Advert Features

All our advertising packages offer one thirty second advert being played at least once every two hours. This offers maximum exposure of your brand and puts you at the forefront of the listener experience.

Your advert will be played at least of 360 times per month, that’s a minimum of 180 minutes worth of airtime.

Radio advertising offers far superior ROI over other advertising methods such as print and search engine adverts.

Because we are a specialist station targeting a very specific audience your advert is being played directly to the types of potential customers you want to appeal to.

At Anime Radio UK we have been working in the UK anime scene for 18 years collectively so you are in safe hands, we understand very well how to optimise your brand exposure in a niche market.

Extra Features

When you purchase our 3 Month or 6 Month advertising packages we are able to offer advertisers a host of extra features.

  • Submit new ads monthly – Each month you can change your adverts at no extra cost.
  • Product Placement – We can promote specific products on our live programs.
  • Create Competitions – You can organize games and quizzes that we can run on our live programs for listeners to win prizes offered by your brand.
  • Spots – Similar to product placement but your brand is promoted rather than a specific product.
  • Mix Block – This very special feature gives you a dedicated 1 hour per week block of music ad free. You can either request music or we can select it for you.

Our Listeners

The majority of our listeners are generally fans of Japanese culture . The majority are Female and aged between 18 and 24 years of age. In terms of career most are college and university students.

Many listeners claim to have a moderate to large disposable income.

  • Male 40%
  • Female 60%


Age 18-24


Do you make the adverts? At the moment we do not make adverts, instead we recommend our friends as Music Radio Creative. They are the same people that make all of our own ads and jingles.

Can I make my own adverts? You can but all adverts will be quality checked before they can be played on our station.

Is there any specific requirements for adverts? Yes, all adverts MUST be 30 seconds in length and MUST have a bitrate of 128 Kbps.

Can I change my advert at any time? With our 1 Month pack you are limited to just 1 advert for this period. With the 3 Month pack you can change your advert each month. With the 6 Month pack you can submit as many adverts as you want as frequently as you want.

How often will my advert be played? Your advert will be played at least once every two hours (at least 12 plays per day). Depending on how many advertisers have adverts yours could be played more frequently.

Can I choose when my adverts play? We cannot play adverts at specified times as most of the time this is handled by a Auto DJ system to make sure that all adverts are played equally and automatically.

Do I get a report of how many times my advert is played? At the end of your advertising pack we will let you know how many times your advert has been played along with some other statistics.

Are there any limits to how often I can use the features in my advertising pack? Yes, there are some limits to the amount of times you can use extra features. We have to do this so that our programs do not become flooded with spots and other forms of advertising as this generates a negative listener experience.

At the moment the following features are limited to being used once every two weeks: Product placement, Spots, Competitions.

Can I choose when my feature will be broadcast? Unfortunately not, we will generally choose a suitable time to broadcasting. Because these are only broadcast during live programs we will select a time with a high listener count.

Can I submit my own material for the Mix Block? You can submit your own jingle to be played at the start of the block, as with adverts they will need to be quality checked before broadcast so we recommend Music Radio Creative for this work. The music that is played is limited to our extensive library of over 7500 Japanese tracks (the majority from anime). Alternatively we can select music to play either at random or to suit a specific theme.

Mix Blocks are scheduled in to play at the same time every week.

How can I pay for the advertising pack? Currently we only accept payment by bank transfer, you will receive details when your order is confirmed.

Can I get a refund? As soon as your advert is first aired we will no longer be able to refund your order, we can pull your advert if your require.

Do you charge VAT? We do charge VAT and all the prices listed on our site exclude UK VAT charged at 20%

If you are a company based outside of the EU you will not be charged VAT.

Can I play Anime Radio UK in my shop/premises? You sure can but we would advise that you make sure you have the necessary license to do so from PPL.

Who is Anime Radio UK? We are a privately owned company that has been involved in the UK anime scene for many years, our team has been involved in retailing, marketing, merchandising as well as writing and reviewing at an editorial level.

Why create a Japanese music radio station? We do it because we are passionate about Japanese culture, it has shaped our professional and personal lives and we want to share that passion in everything we do. It is also a good way to get Japanese music and culture to a wider audience that otherwise might not pay it much attention.



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