Do you want to discover something completely new about Japanese music?

Do you want to hear something other than heavily polished J-Pop and Idol bands?

We we have got just the thing for you. Japan Alternative Sessions is going to right up your alley. Join Crawford Jet & Will every fortnight as they uncover the songs and artists that have been largely overlooked by the mainstream. From the far left to eclectic and alternative experimental with more than  a hint of indie, Japan Alternative Sessions will be taking us on a voyage to the undiscovered lands of non-mainstream Japanese music.

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Japan Alternative Sessions airs every fortnight at 8pm Friday and then repeated the following Sunday at about 8pm on the Omnibus. For more information please check out the Anime Radio UK schedule.

Extra Sessions Start This Week

Extra Sessions Start This Week

Starting from this week you will now be able to catch Japan Alternative Sessions every Friday at 8pm. The Japan Alterative Sessions main program will continue to be aired every fortnight while on the alternating weeks will be a one hour themes music block starting...



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