It has been announced that a currently untitled song by JRock band BREAKERZ is going to be theme song for the upcoming Cardfight!! Vanguard G anime series.

BREAKERZ have already collaborated with the Cardfight!! Vanguard  franchise in the past. The bands head DAIGO has previously had starring roles in multiple Cardfight!! commercials and movie as well as other songs of theirs being used.

The Anime series will debut on 11th October while a title or release date for the song are yet to be released.


BREAKERZ is a Japanese Rock band headed by DAIGO (formerly known as DAIGO☆STARDUST). The band was started up by DAIGO, SHINPEI, and AKIHIDE (ex.NEVERLAND) in April of 2007. Signed to label ZAIN RECORDS, BREAKERZ made their major debut with the self-titled album BREAKERZ on July 25th. Their first live was at SHIBUYA BOXX on August 5th. BREAKERZ doesn’t have a bassist nor a drummer, so they use various support members for recording and lives.

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